Credit where it’s due

Get it? I’m a lyrical genius.

Anyway we got a Bounce Back Loan! And so did a whole bunch of other businesses – about 70,000 in the first few days since the scheme started alone.

While the loan isn’t as much as I’d have ideally wanted to keep things nice and liquid over the next X months (who really knows how long the covid situation is going to last) – it definitely helps.

So I just want to give credit where it’s due. And when I say that I don’t mean the government or the banks. I’m not going to congratulate a government for slowly sorting out a massive obvious issue when they have hundreds of thousands of business people, newspapers, MPs and other members of the public shouting at them to fix it. So, yes, I’m glad and appreciative that the government implemented the bounce back loan scheme. But I’m not going to congratulate them for it. They should have implemented a 100% guaranteed loan scheme from the beginning.

The credit therefore has to go to all of the awesome small business owners and workers who have relentlessly campaigned to make their voices heard both among MPs and the Media. You’re the people who ultimately made the BBL scheme happen. So thank you, and congratulations.

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